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We want services that meet our needs. Here is what we need to do this.

  • We need government to ask us what we need. Government should listen to us when they want to make changes.
  • We need information to be easy to understand. Then we can work together to give government good ideas.
  • We also need AISH and other program rules and forms to be simple. That will help us not make mistakes.

Here is what some groups have done to help people have good services.

  • Self-advocates in Edmonton are paid to find out if people who get PDD services they think they have a good life. The results tell PDD and agencies what they need to work on so that people with developmental disabilities have a good life.
  • Self-advocate mentors in Central Alberta help their peers use the My Life Workbook to figure out if they have the kind of life they want and what help they need to get it. Click here to find out more about the My Life Workbook.

Here is a video about good ideas for PDD and staff when they talk with us. It is called How To Talk from the Self Advocacy Federation on Vimeo.


Click here to tell us what you or your self-advocacy group have done to help us have services that meet our needs. We will add it to our website.


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