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Albertans Advocating for Change Together.

Summit Goals

Strong Self-Advocates.

Accepted as Equals.

Strong Relationships.

Enough Money.

Good Services.

Nice Homes.

Clean Environment.

World Peace.

2009 Summit

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Here are a few photos from the 2009 Self-Advocacy Summit.

summit planning group.

This is the group that planned the Summit. They spell out ACTION.... with their bodies.

David Roche spoke and hosted events where we were all together.

David Roche.
Chris Rowley speaks.

Chris Rowley gave a talk about getting connected in the community.

Melody Scout shares our ideas about how to be strong self-advocates.

Melody shares ideas.
Kevin and Sandy Layton

Speakers Kevin and Sandy Layton share a laugh.

Click here to see more pictures from the 2009 Self-Advocacy Summit on Picasa.

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