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Albertans Advocating for Change Together.

Summit Goals

Strong Self-Advocates.

Accepted as Equals.

Strong Relationships.

Enough Money.

Good Services.

Nice Homes.

Clean Environment.

World Peace.

2009 Summit

What Speakers Said.

Summit Report.



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All About the 2009 Self-Advocacy Summit

We met October 2 - 4, 2009 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our theme was Self-Advocacy in Action.

Here is what we said we want:

speaking up.

We want to be strong self-advocates.

scales of justice.

We want to be accepted as equals in society.


We want to have strong, positive relationships.

money in an envelope.

We want enough money to live on.

good staff.

We want services that meet our needs.


We want nice, safe places to live.

recycle bin.

We want a clean environment.

dove of peace.

We want a peaceful world without violence.

Click here to learn about the new Alberta self-advocacy network.

It is called Albertans Advocating for Change Together (AACT).


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