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Albertans Advocating for Change Together (AACT) is the name of the new self-advocacy network for Alberta.

The group has met to talk about what we will do and how we will work together. We will have an email address and a website later in 2011 to keep people up-to-date about the network. Someday we may have a newsletter for people who want it.

AACT's mission says we are a united Alberta network that learns about issues and advocates passionately for positive change in society. 

AACT's vision is a better world in which everyone is accepted.

Who can be part of AACT? Self-advocates and self-advocacy groups can be part of AACT. We will have a membership form, but we do not have one yet.

Who will run AACT? We will have a Council made up of two self-advocate representatives from each region. Each region will decide how it will pick its representatives. At least six representatives and three regions must be at a meeting for decisions to be made. Anyone can come to Council meetings, but only the representatives can vote.

The representatives must talk to groups and self-advocates in their region to find out what is happening and what they think. They must be prepared for meetings.

AACT will have committees to work on issues and activities like communication and workshops.

The Council will meet three or four times each year. We use video-conferencing when we can not all be in one place. Our next meeting is on October 5, 2011 in Edmonton.

What will AACT do? We will talk to the government to make sure self-advocate voices are heard. We will tell self-advocates in Alberta what different groups are doing to put self-advocacy in action.

Right now AACT representatives are part of a PDD self-advocate advisory group. We talk with the government about what people want and how we can work together.

We will need money and support to meet and make plans. We will also need money and support for newsletters and our website. Our Finance Committee looks at this.

Click here to tell us what you think or get on an e-mail or newsletter list.

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